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HAN YIH PLASTIC CO., LTD. has been established from 1984.
We put to use our professional knowledge and great attainment to satisfy any request or demand.
ISO 9001 certify that we offer reliable quality and fluent process of delivery and after-service. We improve constantly and provide best service to our customers conscientiously and attentively.We can service customer quickly with 33 vacuum forming machine and professional services.


- In 1984 CHIA YUAN, the original name of HAN YIH PLASTIC CO., LTD., was founded. The capital was NT$ 50 thousands.

- In 1989 The company name was changed to HAN YIH PLASTIC CO., LTD and increased the capital to NT$ 500 million.

- In 1990 HAN YIH widened the business field to hand tools market and co-operated with top five hand tool companies.

- In 1998 HAN YIH opened up the business to electronics industry fields and collaborated officially with famous high-tech companies.

- In 2003 HAN YIH expanded the new building B with 2 floors and enlarged producing equipments and machines to satisfy the increasing of orders.

- In 2015 HAN YIH expanded the new building C with 3 floors and extended producing equipments and machines to meet the demands of the market.

- In 2017 HAN YIH capital increase to 20 million,increase machine and build warehouse to service customer.

- In 2022 HAN YIH build new building D with 5 floors,set environment monitor to control environment and improve quality .

Teaming up with different industries and plentiful experiences led HAN YIH to win the important and indispensable position in both hand tool and electronics industries.    

Business items

Electronic Tray/Conductive Tray/Anti Static Tray/Tool Tray/Hardware Tray/Medical Tray/Blister

Double Blister,Slide Blister,Seal Blister

Hand-Made Box,Injection,PP Tag

Heat seal/High Frequency/Packaging




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